CoralTree for Sales

The sales dilemma.

To crush quotas, sales teams need the right information but the Rolodex days are over. Sometimes the information you need is in your CRM, or an analytics platform, or a spreadsheet, or a dialer. The bottom line? It's all over the place.

The solution.

It doesn't make sense to check deals in one place and rep performance in another. CoralTree brings all the sales metrics you care about into a single dashboard so you can see everything in context from the top of the funnel to bottom-line revenue.


Connect to all your sources of sales data, so you can see everything from expenses to forecasts to lead sources in one place.


Use predefined dashboards or create your own using our advanced reporting engine.


Notice a drop in sales leads? Collaborate with those who can tell you why without scheduling a meeting or sending an email.


CoralTree’s platform helps sales leaders make faster, better-informed decisions so no opportunity slips away.

A solution for every role.

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All Reps Scorecard

Like professional athletes, all sales reps have key strengths and weaknesses. Align sales teams around clear business objectives with challenges, personal objectives and team leader boards. And with that knowledge, you can build the fantasy sales team you've always wanted.

  • View how your sales reps stack up against each other
  • Know rep performance across critical benchmarks

Opportunity Center

Give your sales leaders fast, reliable views of the most important aspects of their open opportunities. From next deal to close to most neglected, this allows users to intuitively dig into sales opportunities and find insights that effectively close deals.

  • Track most neglected and at-risk opportunities
  • Maintain pipeline control with lead management
  • Project upcoming deals that are likely to close

Sales Leaderboard

Ringing a giant metal gong doesn't work as well as it used to. Managers need more than a gimmick to inspire their sales teams. With Sales Leaderboard you can track top performers, and plan training and incentives accordingly.

  • Use drill view to see average sales cycle and deal size
  • Track high performers and leaderboard stats from your phone
  • Tailor incentives to the needs of individuals and teams

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