CoralTree for Operations

The operations dilemma.

Operations professionals have fingers in every pie - Cannabis cultivation, cannabis processing, supply chain, finance, sales, marketing, and more. But just because you’re a jack-of-all-trades doesn’t mean your data is too. It can be hard to access the metrics you need, and even harder to make sense of them all.

The solution

CoralTree gives you real-time access to the information and tools you need to manage your cannabis and cannabis related operations. Want to see the current state of your cannabis related processes, how supplier deliveries impact your fulfillment cycle? No problem. CoralTree enables you to spend less time accounting for cannabis traceability functions, and has that information available for you so you can focus on creating a world class product and make better decisions in less time.


CoralTree is complaint with Washington State cannabis government regulations. With everything in one place, you keep your cannabusiness compliant and discover answers to your questions.


Get intuitive visualizations made to your specifications it's okay to be high-maintenance with operational efficiency on the line.


Can't figure out what's backlogging order fulfillment? Eliminate scattered email threads and status update meetings and collaborate where the data lives.


With CoralTree, operations managers can focus on items that need attention instead of trying to manage everything at once.

A solution for every role.

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