CoralTree for Marketing

The Marketing dilemma.

Back in the Mad Men era, data was scarce. Today however, we face the opposite problem. The modern marketer has access to a staggering arsenal of tools—each one churning out data, reports and analytics. And while these niche solutions empower you to do your job, they can also undermine your productivity and success.

The solution

With CoralTree, marketing information that would typically take hours to cobble together is automatically delivered to you when you want it. But that is only the beginning.


Avoid having to export and mash-up data to understand your cost-per-lead - let CoralTree automatically prepare data for you.


Get clear visibility of your sales funnel. CoralTree's Google Analytics trackers are configured by default to track all kinds of events related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc.


Notice a sharp drop in product page visits? Collaborate with those who know to discover answers without needing another meeting or email thread.


Succeed with insights that drive better marketing decisions whether they’re proactively delivered to you, or come from your own exploration.

A solution for every role.

Get answers with CoralTree apps.

Campaign Analyzer App

Campaign Analyzer lets email marketers easily review campaign performance and compare it against others.

  • Compare subject line performance
  • View trend data across campaigns
  • See key metrics from multiple campaigns all in one place

Campaign Engagement App

Campaign Engagement helps you know when to launch campaigns based on their objectives and your historical data.

  • Know when people engage with your content (time of day, day of week)
  • Know how many email touches it takes to convert leads

Mass Mailing App

Increasingly customer engagement has always be difficult, but one thing remains the same - exercise ball fails will always be funny. Luckily, finding out what content your audience likes has never been easier.

  • Design professional emails and reuse templates in just a few clicks
  • Track the performance of mailing campaigns to improve conversion rates
  • Get real time statistics on the performance of campaigns to improve your conversation rate

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