Tripping down the digital runway.

From bar codes to mobile point of sale, technology has always impacted the way we buy and sell. For retailers the impact has never been bigger. Today’s consumer is savvy - spotting deals, telling friends and affecting your bottom line without ever stepping foot in the store.

Manual reporting is passé.

There’s a revolution in retail. Embracing big data and mobile technology is no longer a want - it’s a must. Successful retailers are using digital displays and analytics to drive a highly-personal, real-time shopping experience.

Make a statement.

Customers are shopping, sharing and perusing at the same time. Increasingly, you need a business management platform that understands an omnichannel retail sales model. CoralTree connects to all your data for proactive insights and smarter decisions. You need to know what’s happening, right as it’s happening.

  • Maximize brand and campaign profitability
  • Extend reach and frequency
  • Improve paid social performance
  • Drive customer acquisition and loyalty

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CoralTree hardware kit

PC & Laptop

Running your shop in your browser on your PC or Laptop is the cheap and most flexible option. Usb barcode scanners are natively supported. Receipts can be printed on any thermal or inkjet printer compatible with your web browser.

Surface, iPad or Android Tablets

Tablets take a lot less space, their touchscreens are a joy to use. And they are light enough to be freely moved around your shop. Or you can put them in a nice stand and secure them on your front desk.

Barcode Scanners

CoralTree POS will work with most USB Barcode Scanners. We recommend the Honeywell Eclipse product line.

Cash Register

CoralTree POS can operate any EPSON compatible cash register. Cash registers can be opened manually with a key or remotely by CoralTree POS.

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