Seattle Cannabis Exchange Announces Cannabis Business Management Platform

The cannabis industry has been gaining momentum and legislation to legalize cannabis in some form or fashion in more than half of the U.S. With such states as Washington, Colorado, and California leading the way. Seattle Cannabis Exchange (SCE) was founded in Seattle, Washington. We started by observing highly respected, highly frustrated cannapreneurs who felt locked out of their own businesses data. Knowing that 71% of best-in-class companies have the ability to track product costs, 78% of best-in-class companies have the ability to do demand planning and forecasting, and 43% of best-in-class companies are more likely to have a unified view of labor costs and workflow data the founders of Seattle Cannabis Exchange saw an opportunity to help cannabis businesses create more efficient operations.

As you are well aware of states are requiring businesses to track each gram of cannabis and cannabis infused products from seed to sale. Staying compliant with your states seed to sale tracking laws adds another layer of complexity for many businesses. Creating your own database in a program such as Excel to stay compliant with marijuana regulations, optimize plant yields, streamline supply channels, keep track of the businesses books, and many other metrics is cumbersome and very inefficient. Your business requires an application that brings your traceability system, people, and businesses data together in one place enabling you to concentrate on higher value added tasks.

Seattle Cannabis Exchange’s simple to use business management software works seamlessly across Windows, Apple, and mobile platforms. Users can quickly and easily complete bulk actions on many different items at once. For example, do you need to prune, harvest, or complete other actions on hundreds of items? With Seattle Cannabis Exchange you can select more than one inventory item to complete an action on.

Manufacturers (processors) does your software enable you to dig deep into your data to extract the information you need to eliminate inefficacies? Is your manufacturing software flexible enough to meet your unique production needs? At Seattle Cannabis Exchange we understand that better data helps manufacturers grow 35% faster. Additionally, with SCE you will enjoy complete flexibility in your manufacturing processes as our software enables you to design manufacturing templates for each of your operations.

We haven’t forgotten about you retailers! Our online point of sales application interface is designed for productivity. A budtender can serve multiple customers at once so you won’t keep your customers waiting. With the point of sale (POS) system you can scan products, browse through product categories, upload product pictures, and find product information quickly making sure your Budtenders can not only find products quickly but answer your customer’s questions in a timely manner as well. We also offer web design and website development and configuration services. Or you can create your own website in minutes with our drag and drop website creation tool!

There is no time better than the present to start using the cannabis marketplaces best business management platform so you can start following industry best practices. With flexible and scalable business management solutions Seattle Cannabis Exchange helps you reduce costs, make better decisions, increase efficiencies, manage growth, and serve customers better all of which help you generate more revenue.


Seattle Cannabis Exchange is ready willing and able to help you address your specific challenges to help you run your business better.

Available May 2016.


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